Expression number 9

white collar, eightExpression number nine is a portrayal of how you look, what you think, and what your aims through life are.

Number 9 means your skills, powers, idiosyncrasies, and shortcomings. Your potential to use all that was given to you, all your advantages, will determine how successful and self-realized you are in the life.

Expression number 9 is communicative and socially-concerned person. You want everyone to live a better life, even more, you are sure that everyone deserves it. It makes your intentions weak and you - naïve. You need to develop more realistic views on the society, and after that to use new methods to make it better. You can help people in need of protection or with special needs. Your dream is to make a world better place to live. You are socially active and ready to stand for your ideas.

You have a gift of influence on large amount of people with your idealistic views. Your kindness and real good intents are seen to everybody. You tend to criticize yourself for every mistake. Also, you reach for public recognition. The thought of being famous is very pleasant to you. However, the greatest pleasure for you is to make the difference, to create something that can help thousands of people. Politics, law, jurisdiction, environmental studies, education, and volunteering are the spheres of your development. Try to be as neutral as possible, avoid prejudices and think before saying something you can regret. Try to find a lot of friends, because to reach something you will need connections.

People are the source of your knowledge and energy, so try to be in their company most of the time. Number 9 are known for their artistic skills, they become famous actresses and actors than try to use their influence in order to make the world better. They are developed in music and literature, being highly intelligent, they are book worms. You will have a culminating point in your life, where several possibilities will open simultaneously, so think now, if you had a chance, what would you change. Number 9 has the biggest amount of geniuses in team expression number 9.

You are great in organizing and can sort out any chaos. You worry about the way you look, because it is important for you what others think, and because you value your appearance. People around understand that you are a leader and guide and are ready to follow you. You are kind and sincere, but you are very picky when it comes to love and someone can think you are arrogant, but it is false, you only want someone suitable for yourself. Learn how to be more open to those who you love, it will ease your life significantly. Number 9 thinks globally, about the world and its problems, but often forgets family, so be attentive to the closest people in your life.

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