Expression number 8

woman, up, eightExpression number 8 depicts the coordination of the body and mind, the direction of your actions in life.

Expression number eight shows your skills, achievements and potential, as well as negative sides of yours. Your ability to interpret your skills and ambitions will guide you through the life.

Expression number 8 is a powerful number and its representatives are dominant and superior. Being a perfectionist, number 8 strives to do his\her best to accomplish any goal, even a tiny one. They reach for progress and excellence. They know only one thing: they need to move forward and win a competition, even if they are the only contestants. They have amazing organizing skills and know how to put things in order. If they want more money - they get it, if they need more power- they work for it. The discipline here is the core skill that can make such people very influential and successful, because without discipline they will be simply daring.

They see the goal - they work for results and give up only in critical cases. Number 8 are amazing bosses and managers who make people work, organizing working process thoroughly and easily, so the whole team works as one mechanism. They see the change way ahead of where they are now, and always support and encourage loyal workers. Number 8 is an inborn leader, sociable, kind, but strict. This number doesn't like formal state of work therefore the team at number 8's work is very friendly and united.

However, for 8's success doesn't show up from nowhere, it is a long path, accompanied by multiple regrets and failures. If you are disciplined and motivated enough, you will go through all these ups and down and accomplish your dream. Number 8 has all the potential to be successful, they know when and how to use their authority and power. No matter which way they choose - they are inborn winners. However, don't be too obstinate and always try to widen your outlook for your own sake. Number 8 are exposed to alcohol more, than others, so drink less or avoid it at all. You can find yourself in many spheres of life, choosing a profession like businessman, banking worker, consultant, manager of all ranks, dealer, military servant, aviator and manufacturer.

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