Expression number 7

man, brain, sevenExpression number seven is a portrayal of how you look, what you think, and what your aims through life are.

Expression number 7 represents people with critical and analytical type of thinking which are trying to find the answers on eternal questions in our life in areas of science, psychology and philosophy. Their mind is clear and decisions are all directed onto one goal. Everybody else can be jealous about their ability to work for results no matter what. The truth and the answer are the only categories that matter for number 7. This number is perfect teacher, philosopher, researcher, and scientist. They want to find the answer on the topic of their interest that they can go too far and soon they will need to distinguish reality and fantasies.

They hate small talks and superficial things in our life. You are often sad or angry, because people around do not understand the things that are obvious for you, but you are just too different. You are very critical and always argument your point of view, but the more you communicate with others, the more you seek for loneliness. For number 6 for example loneliness is something awful, for number 7 it may be a part of calmness needed to live. Look around, people need your knowledge and your point of view, because you really matter for them, think twice before secluding and breaking the heart of those who love you.

Expression number 7 learns very fast and is highly adaptive that's why they don't care about the success, because the process of learning itself is way more important for them than the recognition of society. They are quite paradoxical, they try to move away from society as far as they can, but when they are alone they try to think of things that can improve the living in society, like famous inventors and scientists.

If expression number 7 is manifested negatively, he or she may become senseless and cruel. All they need is a proper amount of time for themselves and a certain level of comfort to become happy. The professions that suit personality of number 7 include attorneys, scholars, investigators and detectives, jeweler, surgeon, philosopher and engineer.

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