Expression number 6

woman, art, sixExpression number 6 depicts the coordination of the body and mind, the direction of your actions in life.

Expression number six shows your skills, achievements and potential, as well as negative sides of yours. Your ability to interpret your skills and ambitions will guide you through the life.

Expression number 6 represents kind, sincere and loving people who are ready to suffer themselves than to see somebody else suffer. They have highly developed feel of justice. Such people easily take duties, thought they can regret it later. The aesthetical part of you predominates over the rational one: you strive to surround yourself with beauty and balance. Number 6 are usually gifted with a talent, but their talent either needs an emotional push to finally surface, or stays hidden for a long time. You are developed in every area of life, you are a visionary, you can be both - eccentric artist and talented entrepreneur. Number 6 is a symbol of parenting, figuratively it even resembles pregnant woman. You can help, cure, and relieve the pain of other people, but do it only if they ask you. Sometimes you may become annoying, forgetting all the privacy borders and strive to help when nobody needs it.

You hate being alone, you always need someone right beside you to feel better. Loneliness for number 6 is a torture of some kind. Expression number 6 is the most harmonious one, but still has some contradictions. If a person is able to solve the contradictions inside, they will not influence the life, but if you are never happy or calm due to your inner thoughts, this is outbalanced number 6 in action. Number 6 is perfect for medical workers, psychiatrists, doctors. People like this are idealistic and want the same from the others.

You need to reach your goal no matter how, the fact is more important than the process of getting it. Number 6 often appears when it comes to tyranny and molestation, mainly because of the need to be right. However, you are always ready to help your family and those who need it. You are very affectionate and react on the love by a greater love. Expression number cares like nobody else. Such people are perfect partners, as their love is unconditional and real. They may be nice teachers, physicians, psychologists, volunteers, designers, florists and decorators. When it comes to day-to-day communication - number 6 is the best in it, it is a reason why they are so lucky in business.

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