Expression number 5

five, man, bikeExpression number five is a portrayal of how you look, what you think, and what your aims through life are.

Number 5 means your skills, powers, idiosyncrasies, and shortcomings. Your potential to use all that was given to you, all your advantages, will determine how successful and self-realized you are in the life.

Expression number 5 represents an independent spirit with love to pleasures and interaction. Freedom and privacy are very important issues for you, if you are limited in some ways, you feel sad and uneasy and out of place. If you use your freedom in a right way, you will progress in many fields and even become pretty talented. Expression number 5 wants to see the world, to feel the way other people live and to calmly take a pleasure of the moment. Expression numbers 5 are eager to work, but they are not Jacks of all trades, sometimes they fail. Number 5 is very adaptable to the reality and atmosphere, so they tend to move on to new and unknown places.

Number 5 are adventurers, and always plan something crazy or innovative. For them life is nothing but game, and such concept is quite dangerous and unserious. They are unable to keep finances in order; they easily take loans and stuck in debts. They live the moment, so they tend to eat everything their stomach craves, which is at least unhealthy, and continuously is dangerous. However, they are very talkative and interesting people, perfect to be in marketing and retail. Also they can make great attorneys, journalists, bloggers and writers, because they've mastered a word.

They take a risk, make foolish decisions, and rarely win. However, their enthusiasm is contagious, people like extraordinary individuals and number 5 simply magnetizes with its ingenuousness. You should do your job, regarding of what difficulties you encounter on your way. People like to work with you, and it is mutual. Number 5 is easy-trained, but often lacks of attention and proper focus, as the ideas are disorganized. People like you are very affectionate: they fall in love with everybody, especially in younger years. The mood of number 5 is unpredictable which creates difficulty in relationship. If you want to succeed in any sphere of your life, you have to pull yourself together and be hard-working and patient.

In relationships they are loving and very passionate; often seek for a right person to start long-termed relationship with. They need to introduce 'right' decisions in life, like gym, healthy eating habits, normal sleep and rest regimen and total organization of time and ideas. It is a key for personal success of number 5, as they are very adventurous, ability to slow down a little bit and maintain something stable is vital for such people. Also, they need to sort out which area is their main passion, because they can organize their thought only if they are directed only on one goal or hobby. Scattering of the ideas is a very damaging strategy for number 5. If you are confident in your talent, work hard to achieve recognition and bring all of your powers to the thing you are passionate about.

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