Expression number 4

four, team, increaseExpression number 4 depicts the coordination of the body and mind, the direction of your actions in life.

Expression number four shows your skills, achievements and potential, as well as negative sides of yours. Your ability to interpret your skills and ambitions will guide you through the life.

Expression number 4 is a pillar of the community, representative, organizer and executive. You can do all the work by yourself, you generate an idea - you make it happen or you do it personally. Your level of discipline amazes. Plans and schedule are not a big deal for you. You should always be prepared, so you are the person that takes map, medicines and chocolate bars in a trip. Number 4 is not afraid of responsibilities, relationships, ready for love and commitment. Number 4 is a person to rely on in any situation. They can be in charge of any job and make it brilliantly. However, always let them a room for creativity or they can stuck in routine and become less effective.

Number 4 likes everything to be prepared, learned, and generally stable. People like these value their comfort and never risk without a solid reason to do so, especially in business. Their road to success is slow, but proven. Number 3 needs a supportive person that is always here to embrace and inspire. They are hard people to build relationships with, because they are impatient to the shortcomings of others.

Number 4 needs to look for people with more creative mindset who can provide a nice and valuable advice. You are a perfectionist, direct and sincere, but it can only hurt you. You are very controlling as for yourself, so when it comes to people around. Let yourself feel and experience more, stop limiting your emotions, because they don't only make you weak, but can lead you to being a strong person as well. Also, if you are too strict, you can become a boring and annoying person to others. Expression number 4 often has a great and sarcastic sense of humor, so use it. You tend to accumulate money, but you rarely spend on yourself. Remember that this life is precious and you should treat yourself as good as you can.

As for the parenting, you are a nice type of parent. You are reliable and disciplined and demand it from others, but also you are funny and loving, so kids are in good hands. You are moralist as well as children of a certain age, when they believe people are either good or bad.

Expression number 4 represents: financial specialists, clerks, administrators, managers, government representatives, and lawyers. You may be into culture and music, but undoubtedly you will involve the discipline to any field of self-expression. You tend to love classic drama and music, as it is harmonious and calm. As you are very picky, you always see the smallest details that help you form the right impression of something. With supportive surrounding and consistency, you will reach success and honorable status.

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