Expression number 3

smile, threeExpression number three is a portrayal of how you look, what you think, and what your aims through life are.

Number 3 means your skills, powers, idiosyncrasies, and shortcomings. Your potential to use all that was given to you, all your advantages, will determine how successful and self-realized you are in the life.

Expression numbers 3 are very creative, joyful and communicative. People around are magnetized by your positive attitude, charisma and bravery. You know how to speak to each person in order to be liked, because your mind is very adaptable and analytic. You are very energetic and people feel it. You are ready to undertake something if the proper idea occurs. As for ideas - you generate them at ease. Some of them are crazy and unreal, some re really profitable and some are simple and genius. Your mindset is perfect for creative type of work: copywriter, illustrator, stand-up comedian, artist, manager. You are expressive, easy to involve into something, brave and jovial. However, try to filter how other people communicate with you, maybe they want to steal ideas or use you as a stepping stone. Also, you need to be more organized in your life, because the chaos of your thinking process reflects on your life, you are really bed in order.

Keep yourself together, try not to avoid responsibilities, because you can't do it all the time and it is better to be prepared than to procrastinate on important stuff in your life. Expression number 3 has to become focused, in this case such people will become very successful, because now all they lack is consistency. You tend to spontaneous decisions that are not beneficial for you, but are rather damaging. If you can stay focused on your goal and work for it, your mind and ideas will lead you to success.

You are a visionary, your imagination is vivid and saturated, you percept the world in pictures. Your thinking is not accurate and static, it is flexible and changeable, you can create anything you want in your head. You need to use your potential, especially if your job is not creative. Your energy should be shared, because otherwise you will find yourself stuck in a routine that you despise. Choose one area of your creativity and work there, do not waste or scatter your talents, instead - direct them into one vector. Consistent efforts will bring you visible result that you long for. Financial and personal success will always follow you, but don't be snobbish and let people into your life, let them be involved, because you are a person that needs advices and attention.

Don't think that you are alone, it is wrong, but still be critical about people around, critical but fair and let people with positive impact in. Other people need you as well, because you are like a source of energy and very pleasant person to be around. Though you are mostly positive, you have some negative features to cope with. You are obstinate, sometimes bold, superficial and don't want to know more, because you think you already do, mood shifts are just crazy, and you lack of tolerance to shortcomings of others.

Search for a reasonable criticism, look for explanations if people say that something is wrong with you, and sort out lip service and hypocrites. Don't pay attention to sarcasm, because it kills creativity and establishes limits. You are very sensitive and easily feel changes in person's mood. Discipline for your number 3 is a key, master it and you will become a successful person in your field of specialization.

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