Expression number 2

social, twoExpression number 2 depicts the coordination of the body and mind, the direction of your actions in life.

Expression number two shows your skills, achievements and potential, as well as negative sides of yours. Your ability to interpret your skills and ambitions will guide you through the life.

People with number 2 as an Expression number are communicative and socially-interactive, therefore they are made for working with people. Their sixth sense is quite profound, and lets you to look at a person and make suggestions that are true most of the time. But you don't even need a good intuition, because you are intelligent and tactical person. You are rarely to be misguided by a smile on someone's face, because you see the essence of a person, whether it is good or bad. It provides you with the most profitable conditions of being a diplomat or politician.

However, you feel better when you are not a leader, because the burden of responsibilities weighs you down. People with number 2 can be great teachers, guides, medical workers, and scholars, managers, animators, journalists (though sometimes they are shy about cameras). Expression number 2 represents non-conflicting people, they try to stay neutral and avoid escalation. You are very empathic and adaptable to others, you can understand the feelings of others, but still see the real motives behind those feelings. You are a team-worker, because you create positive working environment around.

However, you should be careful, as you are vulnerable due to your empathy. In case of any conflict at work you will take everything to serious and too close to heart, which isn't nice for your nervous system. You feel twice as more, than other people. Some people can go through ups and downs quite normally, but you will feel either happy as never, or devastated. You need to think about yourself first and then about the problems of others, because you are simply wasting your energy.

People love number 2, because they are sincere and friendly, the type "a shoulder to cry on". You can help others reach their goals. Number 2 people are those who do enormous amount of efforts, but the other person gets all the glory. That's why, Expression numbers two need to value themselves and act in their own good first, and then do favors for others. People around may use your kindness and be cruel instead, unfortunately. You need an authority that values you and can protect or teach you how to stand for yourself.

Expression numbers two are individuals created for being in a couple, they need a second person in their life to give it a meaning. If number two is single, he or she wants to find a soulmate, if married they share all the sides of life together. They are attentive, emotional, loving, kind and supportive and hot in bed. The partner of number two is always supported and encouraged. However parenting may become a tough thing to do, because number 2 can't discipline people. You need comfort, balance, and positivity to live a happy life. Expression number two has outstanding music skills and nice sense of rhythm. Rely on your intuition and develop your self-esteem to live more confidently.

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