Expression number 11

sunset, elevenInspirational people will likely have the Destiny number of "eleven". Their entire journey through life is a spiritual one and they live to teach others to walk the same spiritual path that they're on. Elevens are very understanding and perceptive people who are sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others around them. They are particularly good at starting relationships because they realize that the perfect partner is one who shares the same personality traits and interests as they do. Elevens need to have a partner who truly understands them in order for the relationship to thrive.

Elevens are able to perform many jobs because they have a vast amount of skills in various fields. They can be both artistic and business-minded while sometimes combining the two together. Any job where an eleven can inspire or motivate others will be the perfect one for them. Some of these jobs may include ministry work, school teacher, public relations, musician, and photographer. Facts and logic are things that elevens try to avoid at all costs. They would rather allow faith to guide them towards an answer to a problem or a path in their life. This is what makes elevens true spiritualists who rely on forces greater than themselves to guide them on their life's journey.

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