Expression number 1

leader, oneExpression number one is a portrayal of how you look, what you think, and what your aims through life are.

Number 1 means your skills, powers, idiosyncrasies, and shortcomings. Your potential to use all that was given to you, all your advantages, will determine how successful and self-realized you are in the life.

Number one is always first, a leader, guider, mentor – free from constraints and unique. People with expression number 1 are very determined, outstanding and courageous.

Try to look at everything from the other side, develop your outlook and don't be hesitant about new methods. Innovations favor expression number 1. You are only stopped by the responsibilities that can keep you from doing something great. Number 1 is dynamic by nature, makes an impression on everyone, you don't need someone's help to achieve something. Number 1 can be a great leader or executive director, especially if number 1 owns business or manages people.

Freedom is a very important aspect in your life. You rarely want to implement the ideas of others or to do what you are said to, you need to create and promote yours. People like number 1 can become intelligent diplomats, as they are able to make an impact on thoughts and decisions of others.

Expression number 1 is associated with leaders, bravehearts, fighters, explorers and reckless people. Chief military officers, politicians, entrepreneurs, billionaires, truly independent people, even religious and upper-class representatives often have expression number 1.

Expression number 1 major success factors are power and persistent determination. They want to live full, risky, comfortable life without side effects. If number 1 wants something, he or she will work until it's achieved. They never give up and only move on. Their energy seems to be infinite, when they are motivated on something. People or like you or disdain no middle position here. The ability to clearly see the goal and feel like it's already yours motivates number 1 very much and it may be a true key to their success. There is no other truth except yours and people around willingly believe you. Of course, those characteristics inevitable for success in life, but they can't change the egotism and obstinacy in character on number one.

Perseverance here margins with boldness and stubbornness. Number one easily becomes snobbish, judging people because they are not as goal-oriented. However, not everyone has to be like these. A lot of people surround number one mostly because of his or her authority, but not because of pleasant personality. So, you should tend to more balanced relationship with others, as long as you need true friends and loving family.

Don't be so opposing to people all the time, think that their view (though it differs from yours) may be profitable in your further interpretation. Look for peace and quiet in relationships, think before doing something. In your case, pride is the main evil you can be exposed to, because as soon as you believe you are better than someone else, you lose. So keep up to your determination, but be more understanding to those around.

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