Taylor Swift Numerology

Taylor Swift Life Path Number 7

Taylor Swift is a person oriented inwards; she is a pathfinder. She is very well aware of herself, her desires, and inner motives. Naturally, people with Life Path number 7 are canny and curious. They are scrupulous and detail-oriented and highly spiritual.

Often, Taylor Swift is a walking encyclopedia. She has a sharp mind and critical thinking. She doesn’t like things simple. She is interested in everything out of the ordinary, and that has a deeper meaning to it. She will spend her time researching such matters. Taylor is an excellent problem-solver.

Most of the time, she prefers to stay on her own. She produces the greatest projects and ideas when no one is interrupting her. She is often considered to be a nonconformist: she believes in what is right to her and works for her personally. It causes a lot of problems in her relationships with others, due to her sometimes being opinionated and too closed. It leads to problems in her personal life, since she often needs some space, and others feel rejected, which causes frustration for both sides.

If Life Path Number 7 is balanced, Taylor shines brightly and is the center of any gig. Taylor loves compliments not only for her looks, but particularly for her sharp mind. She feels attracted to others under the same criteria – wittiness and intelligence. However, she knows her boundaries and doesn’t let other people cross it. That’s why Taylor has a rather thin circle of friends who know her best and value her privacy without making rushed conclusions.

If she was alone for a long time, she can be longing for some company; however, she might be quite hostile with others due to a recent lack of communication. Such behavior is incomprehensible by most people. Her main challenge in life is to avoid seeming egotistical and saving time for herself without sacrificing social contacts, since it often prevents having close friendships and enforces toxic relationships.

In her middle age, she will find inner balance and spiritual wisdom; she will experience another upheaval.