Numerology Emma Bunton

Number 9 Life Path

Baby Spice is a generous contributor, socially active, with a great heart and concern for the world. Bunton cherishes high and noble principles in life and had tried to shape a new world.

She has contributed lot of her time, energy as well as money letting her achieve lot of satisfaction. Baby Spice had kept a broader vision on how to live a life. Her thoughts and vision have influenced lots of people from different areas and had joined her to share the same vision of 9 life path. These people who are truly unbiased and have accepted a path for larger cause are the ones who have really understood the principal of equality.

Number 3 Birthday

Creativity, Intelligent and Chatter are the adjectives which defines Emma Bunton. She is a sweet, polite and with a lots of enthusiasm. Her friendliness and loving approach makes her a magnificent salesperson.

She is social and has a great appeal but many also has varying moods with lot of mood swings.


Number 5 Destiny (Expression)

Like a free bird in the sky Emma Bunton loves freedom, without which she cannot live. For her freedom is very important. She enjoys and loves the same. She wishes to remain a free spirit and thus helping her to sharpen her talent. By travelling long distances she wishes to meet people from all walks of life. This will help her search for various talent.

She is a person who can do anything with lot of appreciation. But she has to overcome her fears of security to understand and achieve her capabilities.


Number 6 Soul Urge (Heart's Desire)

Emma Bunton’s love for others makes her carry too far the things even sometimes making her to sacrifice her own needs for others. But her over loving or affectionate approach  sometimes create risk of making others over dependent on her. And especially in case of children where becoming over protective can make them weak and dependent on others.

Number 9 Personality

9 Personality number is possessed by lot of performers such as dancers, actors, etc. Emma Bunton is charming, poised, with a magnetic persona.

Her charismatic persona either attracts people towards her or deters them strongly. Because of jealously some even try to disparage Baby Spice.