Numerology for Tori Spelling

Number 5 Life Path

The primary aspect of Tori’s personality is independence. Spelling loves traveling, variety, interacting with new people, and adventures. She is as curious as a cat and wants to experience all the various aspects of life’s offerings.

Tori prefer to work on several parts simultaneously without being tied to a single aspect. She admires changes, new prospects, and novel things. She is friendly and becomes friends with ease, her upbeat and inspirational capabilities attract various people from different aspects of life. Tori possesses a natural gift with words and is able to motivate other individuals. Tori can succeed in any profession that requires communication skills and people knowledge. These include advertising, politics, sales, publicity, and promotion.

Number 7 Birthday

Tori takes an analytical and balanced approach to all relationships. Being emotional is beyond her understanding, which tends to make her untrusting to emotional individuals. She assumes emotional individuals to be childlike and erratic.
Tori Spelling possesses an excellent instinct. In order to further develop her instincts she must undertake meditation and spiritual exercises. After trusting her instinct, she will be able to develop a strong faith.

Number 5 Destiny (Expression)

Tori Spelling is a free individual who loves excitement, adventure, and change. She is in love with her freedom, which is comparable to a bird’s need of wings to survive. Freedom is the core around which Tori’s life rotates and is her basic need for surviving.


Utilizing her freedom in the correct way enables Tori to investigate and develop her numerous skills. Tori is destined to meet many people and travel to great distances. Freedom is the basic requirement that will encourage Tori to bring out her numerous capabilities.

Number 11 Soul Urge (Heart's Desire)

Tori is a natural arbitrator with her strong desire to settle disagreements and create peace. She is futuristic and a healer. Her longing to make the world an improved place to live does not allow her to remain calm until she is able to focus her life on a worthy cause.
Tori is very sensitive with a high level of instinctive capabilities.


Hidden messages and the emotions of other people do not escape her. She is highly aware of the thoughts and emotions felt by other people. Unless she is safeguarded, this trait can affect Tori emotionally. This empathy can be a major problem in some instances while also being beneficial. Spelling deepest desire is to keep others happy and maintain peace within her surroundings.

Number 1 Personality

Tori Spelling is radiant with dynamism and high levels of energy. She is under control and highly capable. Tori finds courage invaluable and strong efforts during tough situations, which are reflected in her personality. Additionally, people around are well aware that she cannot be forced to do anything her will.