Numerology for Elton John

Number 4 Path of Life

Elton is a practical individual with strong ideas on what is correct and incorrect. In  addition, he maintains order and organizes, is systematic and under control.

Decision maker and systematic, John uses a logical method to derive a solution to a problem, and once making his decision, he follows it right through without quitting. His passion for work generally leads Elton to begin a career at an early age of life. Because of his Methodist attitude, John tends to get rigid and enthralled with tradition. Moreover, he becomes suspicious when changes become a necessity, which may result in his losing some excellent opportunities. It is important for John to imbibe flexibility in his personal traits. Josh is a perfect partner and will become a very caring and responsible father.

Number 7 Birthday

Elton’s mind is sharp and developed. It is characteristic of him to explore the globe and all the surroundings. Elton shows a philosophical and spiritual orientation. It is recommended that John specializes in one field to utilize his capabilities and god’s natural gifts. With regards to relationships, John appears to be balanced and analytical. He mistrusts emotions, which according to him are cloudy and uncertain. Elton considers emotional individuals as childish and impulsive. Elton possesses a superior instinct. It is recommended that Elton undertake meditation and spiritual exercise to further develop his instincts. As soon as Elton is able to trust his instinct, he will be able to develop strong faith.


Number 2 Destiny (Expression)

Possessing tactfulness and refinement capabilities, Elton John is talented for working with other individuals. His instincts are highly expanded. This enables Elton to understand the personality traits of other individuals and understand the situation. Hence, his actions are tactful and with mild persuasive skills. John is gifted with a natural intuition, which enables him to bring out the goodness of others without offending them. These qualities make John an excellent diplomat.
John’s capabilities are enhanced when he works along with others instead of working single handedly. Similarly, John is more successful as a partner in comparison to a leader.


Number 8 Soul Urge (Heart's Desire)

Able to visualize the horizon and the promises makes John a visionary. Commonly, he is capable of visualizing the techniques that are required to keep a promise. However, he lacks detailing capabilities, which entails him to take assistance from others to understand the smaller components of the complete situation. The biggest problem faced by Elton John is to fully utilizing his capabilities, which is indicated by the other base numerals. Similarly, John must work towards bringing out the capabilities of others and focusing their abilities in fulfilling his visions. To summarize, Elton John needs to lead by setting an example, demonstrate the high commitment levels, determination, and distinction.

Number 6 Personality

Elton John possess an excellent sense of righteousness. He is willing to go to any extent to maintain the harmony while willing to forgo his personal dreams for the benefit of others. However, this quality of becoming a martyr can become excessive. Because, Elton John is not always able to judge others correctly, he needs to guard himself from letting others take advantage of him. His characteristic of involving himself too much in the life of other individuals and seeing only their best abilities tends to be detrimental for John.