Christina Ricci Numerology

Life path number 5

Christina Ricci lives life like an adventure. She is enthusiastic, curious, free spirited and is excited about meeting new people. Ricci has several projects to accomplish at the same time and does not want to be tied down the monotony of any one field. She likes to experiment with new thoughts and forms friendships fast.

She inspires and attracts people from all arenas with her inspiring cheerfulness and motivational skills. She could be successful in any field involving public relation and eloquence such as sales, marketing, politics etc. Ricci tends to be reckless in savoring her freedom which may lead to drug abuse, excess addiction to sensual pleasures and these may cause her to repent in the long run. Discipline and order are lacking in her life. She may find it difficult to commit though once she does, she is usually loyal. She has a number of skills, which, if persevered upon, can bring her tremendous success and acclaim.

Birthday Number 3

Christina has evolved creative abilities. Art comes to her naturally and she could shine if she chose writing or performing arts as a career or even as a hobby. Christina is imaginative and loves to interact. Her charm makes her a fine salesman.

She has charisma wrapped in affection and inspiration but on the downside she can be moody and unpredictable.

Christina imparts an artistic touch to everything, from flower arrangement to home décor. However she should control her tendency to lose focus.


Destiny Number 8

With her remarkable skills, Christina has the ability to outshine all. Motivated by the desire to be the best in her arena, she is open to new challenges and rivalry.

Christina is practical and has a long term vision. Money and authority act in her favor if she decides to realize her potential to fullest. She is a natural leader and is good at allotting responsibilities. She can also see through people’s intentions and is often an intolerant taskmaster. However, she is generous to those who serve her well.

Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 1

Christina Ricci is a very independent woman guiding her life by her principles only. She aims for the top, irrespective of any career she might choose to pursue. She is a natural leader and confident enough to guide others according to her judgment and life experience. Christina Ricci is driven and willing to pursue her dreams at any cost, without looking back. A very intelligent woman, she is very capable of seeing even the smallest parts of the big picture and also assesses what others are capable of. She is unique and happy with her unusual, controversial style and loves the attention she gets out of it.


Personality Number 7

Christina Ricci possesses an outstanding intelligence, which brings her respect of others’ behalf. She is rather inclined towards study, withdrawn and might turn bitter at times as she hardly lets someone in. Although she has what it takes to inspire high-class choice of clothing and inquisitiveness, she must take care not to let this make her look ridiculous. Irrespective of her appearance or inner conflicts she might experience, Christina keeps her dignity, always being aware of the impression she makes. Christina values spirituality and is known to be religious. She only speaks when a subject interests her and is generally quiet and reserved.

Lucky Number 2

Christina’s Personal Lucky Number 2 offers her the chance to make the best decisions and compromises in her life. However, some decisions left to be made in unexpected romantic and financial issues will eventually disadvantage her.