Fatboy Slim Numerology

Life Path Number 3

Fatboy Slim has great creative talent and self-expression. He is clever and he has such a great talent for expressive art that he may have been drawn to becoming an artist since he was young. He needs discipline, concentration and commitment to fully realize his potential.

He is the life of the party and he loves being the center of attention. His creativity can help him achieve a life of comfort and luxury. He is upbeat and resilient and he has a “happy-go-lucky” personality that inspires people. He can be very generous to a fault.

He is emotional and vulnerable as well and he will use humor to cover his feelings. He can be very moody and cruel when depressed.


Birthday Number 4

He is hard working and meticulous so he takes great care in everything he does. He values his principles and responsibilities. He is rational and focused on his endeavors.

He is proud but not arrogant and he has great compassion. He will endure when faced with an obstacle.

He can be a great family man and a wonderful partner although he is not very emotional or affectionate. He is a rock to those he loves and people tend to rely on him.


Destiny (Expression) Number 5

Slim is a free spirit; adventure and freedom excites him. He cannot exist without his freedom and it is necessary so he can utilize his many talents to their full potential. He is highly adaptable to change and he loves the challenge of dealing with it. He doesn’t like being stuck with routines. He becomes miserable when held back.

Since he was a child, he may have very well been fascinated with traveling and experiencing what is exotic and sensual. He wants to try everything at least once. This could lead to trouble is he doesn’t recognize his limits. He needs some sort of boundary to prevent him from overindulging.

Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) Number 7

Slim uses his gift of knowledge and insight to understand life’s great mysteries. He studies things profoundly and looks beyond the surface. He detests narrow-mindedness.

He has a gift for analysis and research and uses these to understand the facts. Once he understands, his creativity takes over leading him to see the deeper, philosophical side. As he has a theoretical mind, he dwells on facts rather than fantasies. He also enjoys mental and physical puzzles.

He may be perceived as aloof because he is introverted due to the fact that he sometimes feels different and out-of-place. The life of a hermit or a monk appeals to him.

Personality Number 7

Slim is mysterious and unique. People see him as somber. He is very independent and self-sufficient. He has exceptional intelligence and wisdom and that causes people to respect him. He may not be warm but he is compassionate and insightful.

He is often withdrawn. He may have the makings of an intellectual or an aristocrat but sometimes, he may turn the focus on himself during conversations so he needs to watch himself from becoming arrogant. They may be periods in his life when he doesn’t care about his appearance but generally, he uses clothing to make impression on people. He always appears dignified and confident.

Lucky Number 6

Slim will find his luck when there are issues at home that need his attention. Number 6 is not a very strong number for finances but it is with romantic love.