Alexis Bledel Numerology8 as a Life Path Number

This starlet is born to be a leader and to be wealthy. She possesses great skills to organize all the activities in her life especially when it comes to finances and business. Alexis can easily understand material things. She sees things from a higher prospective that is why she understands better how to manage an enterprise.

Some people find Alexis Bledel a little bit outrageous and a dreamer. They often get inspired to accompany her in her projects and hr ideas but sometimes it happens so that they don’t have enough imagination to understand what Alexis sees. But still people from her surrounding want her to be a leader that can give them support and inspiration. They need her directions and guidance to implement her vision.

7 as a Birthday Number

Alexis Bledel possesses a perfectly developed intuition. To make this talent work better, Alexis has to do meditations and perform spiritual exercises. She can evolve her sound faith when she starts to believe it.

Bledel has to be careful not to judge by appearance. Also she should avoid gambling and other unordinary ways to succeed. She should be less imprudent, because it will make a huge damage for her.


She better works when she is all by herself. When Alexis is starting to do something, she always finishes it. She is fond of metaphysics, science and techniques.

7 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Alexis Bledel gets stressed out when she spends too much time in a crowded place. Lots of attention brings her distraction. She likes spending time alone sitting in her room, isolated from external fuss. She doesn’t talk too much about her private life. Despite the fact that Number 7 means that person has an extrovert personaliy, Alexis still lets her introversion to cut her off from people.

Alexis hates routine and superficial things. Some people that are not interested in some things or are not aware of some fact usually surprise her. She thinks that everybody is as wise as she is. Bledel respects those, who love to study and are interested in finding and discovering new things. That is why she becomes so down putting in relation to others.

7 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Alexis Bledel’s negative side is her non ability to express emotions. You can not understand what she feels. She is unpredictable and thoughtful. She is afraid that once she trusts person, he immediately betrays her.


What we can advise Alexis is to find a person she can tell her feelings to and also she has to learn how to trust. Once she does that, she won’t feel lonely any more. It will be a fearless step for Alexis from which she will get satisfaction and excitement. She should understand that hiding from other will not bring any good, it can only lead to grief and isolation.

4 as a Personality Number

Alexis Bledel is very economical and knows how to save money. She cares about the future of the people who are close to her and of her future. May be you can find it a little bit too ascetic, but Alexis prefers traditional and usual clothes. She can take advantage by wearing colors that are more uplifting, put a little fashion in her cloth or give her suit a little of coquetry. When wearing a grey dress, she can diversify it with a bright scarf. Alexis Bledel adores her family. She loves propinquity, safety and permanence that a family can provide. She cares about her family and always tries to make them safe and provides them.

7 as a Lucky Number

Alexis Bledel’s Personal Lucky Number is number 7. It means that she is a very fortunate person and luck is always on her side. But sometimes she doesn’t see the luck of number 7, because it is of those who always look for spiritual growth. You can not recognize it easily; it just becomes active on a cosmic level.