Benjamin McKenzie Numerology

Life Path Number 1

Benjamin is characterized with an outstanding determination and energy. Innate leadership qualities are his stronger side. Benjamin McKenzie requires freedom of thinking and acting, and forcibly removes anyone who makes obstacles on the way.

For his nearest people, McKenzie struggles to be aiding and supporting force. For great responsibility felt by Benjamin, he asks attention and credit in return.

Benjamin feels not very comfortable if given merely supportive roles. He wants to be the head of any beginning.

He is an original person, who possesses unique approach to solving problems. Unconventional ways of dealing with issues accentuate McKenzie’s courage.

Birthday Number 3 

Benjamin McKenzie is enthusiastic and creative. His open-mindedness and decent communicative skills would make him an unmatched salesman if he wanted.

Benjamin is talkative and outgoing. He is positively a charismatic person.

Artistic nature behind Benjamin McKenzie indulges art into every activity he’s into. This is felt both in the way he chooses outfits and conducts his household or gardening.

Destiny (Expression) Number 6 

The things on top of Benjamin’s priorities are exquisiteness and harmony. His artistic side is expressed in innate musical abilities. However, due to the fact that 6 Self-Expression people tend to contribute their spare time to assist and aid their nearest people. Additionally, McKenzie is keen on business affairs.

Benjamin is innate advisor and doctor. But he should learn not to take over freedoms of other even in his best intentions.


Despite 6 Self-Expression is well-balanced, it incorporates considerable paradoxes. Imagine if opposite concepts were tied together and you get the point. Luckily, Benjamin is granted special talents to resolve contradictions on his inner side.

Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 6 

Benjamin McKenzie is likely to have no records about letting someone else down. He is utterly responsible and organized, however this features are shown best only if he feels that he is actually needed by others.

Ben is a non-conflicting and forgiving person. It’s not a wonder if McKenzie forgives some person for even the most severe mistakes. He can be called sentimental, but Ben handles his feelings right and isn’t liable to impulsive behavior.

McKenzie is a great interlocutor. He offers wisdom for those seeking advice, while he strives to be well-educated to keep up with advising demands.

McKenzie can overlook his artistic side if no one points at it early in childhood. But anyway art has a special way to Benjamin’s heart, and he always notes that. He strives for making his environment healthy and harmonic.

Personality Number 11 

Benjamin McKenzie is characterized with considerable patience. He knows how to tell compliments honestly. He probably has undergone loads of non-constructive criticism at early age, which resulted in McKenzie’s shyness at later years.

Ben stands for peace and fairness. Strangers often mistakably underestimate Benjamin’s strength. McKenzie is actually a strong person. He never breaks, and even is hard to bend.


McKenzie’s gait is featured with grace, which expresses his developed feeling of harmony.

Lucky Number 3 

As an owner of Fortune Number 3, Benjamin McKenzie is undoubtedly a lucky one. Many people find 3 to be the most fortunate numeral.

Fortunate influence of Benjamin’s number is felt most under condition of creative approach to the problems. Besides, romance and financial sphere also benefit from number 3.

And still, even with the back-up of 3, McKenzie should avoid risky endeavors.