adam levine numerology

2 as a Life Path Number

Adam Levine is a person that gives inspiration and revelation to others. He has a highly-developed intuition and never-ending energy. When he was a kid, others could not understand his unique psyche what made him this shy and introverted. He can not understand how much potential he possesses.

He gives speed to any project that he is participating. Adam can not even understand how he can inspire others. He can not control the energy that he possesses. It brings him lots of power and sometimes even emotional disorder.

9 as a Birthday Number

Adam Levine has a social orientation and is very charming. Others admire and like him. Adam forms a significant relationship with various people in his life. His vision for the world is broad and in his mind he can compose systematic plans of things for social movements and foreign and internal politics.

Adam Levine is strongly interested in humanitarian sciences. It is not hard for him to express his feelings, but there can be too much drama.


Like all nines, Adam can draw money to himself from different resources, which can be winning in lottery or inheritance. These people are also very sacrificing and know how to forgive and love unconditionally, but negative devotions should be avoided. It means that Adam should not feel negative and stick to a person that is in debt to him or that was unfair to him. He should understand that universe will judge these people by her. And that he will get what he deserves along his life path.

7 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Adam Levine is interested in every mystery in the world. He was given a great analytical intellect and his inclination to resolve life’s issues is huge. He is attracted to explore such matters like spirit life and philosophy. His urge to find the truth is clear and persistent. Adam will do great in educating, philosophy or researching.

Adam has a great talent in learning how to differentiate between real world and illusions. He has a strong urge concerning truth and learning. All the hidden puzzles of life are opened to Adam thanks to his fine mind. He also has a great deal of perspective. Deep inside, Adam knows that during hard times he can go to his own quiet place.


3 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Adam likes communication, hanging out with friends, and go out on different trips. He likes to play intellectual and active games and also likes to show his creativity. People love him, because he is a good friend and is useful inspiration.

This Soul Number also is in charts of many famous comedians. There are not so many things that can let Adam down. He can control his feelings and his mental balance.

Verbal arts are liked by Adam. He has a strong gift of expressing himself. Levine may happen to have a talent in acting on a stage, singing or writing poetry. In situations where he can not let out all his creativity, Adam becomes to have daydreams and fantasies. He has not to let his imagination to run away, he has to give it an outlet.

11 as a Personality Number

All his life Adam is working hard to become a confident and sure person and to hide away his shyness. Since he was a little kid and up to being a teenager, Adam had a hard time being nervous and unsure.

It is easy to heart Adam’s feelings, so he needs to be very attentive when he chooses a friend. He has a developed intuition and sensitiveness. But rubbers and swindlers find Adam an easy loot.  It is sad but there were lots of times when he was rubbed or tricked.

1 as a Lucky Number

New beginnings will have a huge success for people with this personal lucky number. Also his role as a leader will also bring him luck. But when Adam is dealing with problems with his loving partner or money, he shouldn’t count on the luck of this number.