Alyssa Milano Numerology

5 as a Foundational Number

This starlet likes to go on trips and adventures. She loves to feel free. The challenge in her life is to experience new things and changes. She adores living exciting and variable life and hates when things go slowly and monotonously. Independence and freedom are two things that are necessary in her life.

Alyssa always struggles and tries to understand how she can get rid of limits that are chasing her through her life. It is a component of her character because she is very impressible and strives to express how she feels. Love and to be appreciated by others motivates Alyssa.

Alyssa has to make a career in a field that doesn’t include orthodox, because it will make her sad and impassive. Usually she is not supported by society. Others hate inconstancy in her, that is why she doesn’t have that much friends and doesn’t respect herself. She has to learn how to improve her personality and forget about traditional way of behavior. When she finds harmony, she will get the feeling that she wanted, that is freedom.

1 as a Birthday Number

Alyssa Milano takes thrifty risks in her life to get away from the monotonous way of living. She usually lightens up her life with risky things, just not to get too depressed and bored, because being too tightly bound to the small detail in her life brings her disillusion.


Alyssa has to learn how to declare herself. She has to remember that she has a personality of innovator and she has to stick to this calling. Alyssa can be very rood if someone wants to convince her that she has incorrect ideas about something that is sensitive for her. Still she is a very good friend that loves her friends and is devoted to them. Also she is happy about compete with success of her friends or co-workers. With her urge and inventiveness she can get lots of success in her life.

7 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Alyssa’s urge in life is to find out the truth, in every place. She cannot really distinguish between real world and illusions, but she is skilled enough to learn it. With her fine mind she easily resolves secret things in her life. There is a lot of perspective inside her. Every time she does something that she thinks might be wrong, she knows that there is a peaceful corner in her world where she can live up during hard times.

2 as a Soul Urge

Alyssa Milano has a strong wish to make things according to harmony and balance. Everything that she does she tries to make harmoniously. That is why she will receive more success becoming a politician or a peace maker. She has an inside urge to make unity in our world and peace. If Alyssa keeps harmony creation as her goal in life, she will be more happy and joyful throughout it. She has balanced relationships with her family and friends. That really makes her a good person, because she has a feeling of justice. She prefers things that are more natural avoiding artificial.


6 as a Personality Number

Alyssa Milano helps people who are not that assertive. She lets them tell what their fears are and inspires them with her confidence. People who need to feel support and who are in trouble are attracted to Alyssa. She is very attentive to what they say and gives them her compassion and advises them, letting to unload their drag.

3 as an Outer Expression Number:

Alyssa Milano is very polite, attentive and charming. She is a rock of any party and likes to communicate. She really knows how to make fun. She attracts people by her light personality. She never makes anyone bored, talking all the time about interesting things and telling interesting facts. As a great talker, Alyssa is always in the center of attention. She enjoys living her life and you can see her on a party, telling her opinion, in front of everyone. She radiates hopefulness and merriment in any place where she is, enlivening the lives of those who are close to her. Milano’s perfect personality can be improved by truthfulness and devotion. Those who are next to her feel her inside warmth. She should be careful of not exaggerating with her talkativeness; people might think she is a gossip teller.