Al Jarreau Numerology

11 as a Life Path Number

Al has a gift to bring peace in every area where he is participating. He is born to be an artist. Sometimes his acuteness and delicateness don’t usually help him during his everyday life. His qualities of being too sensitive and shy interface his better qualities. Al Jarreau is very timid, tender and vulnerable.

He has a gift to settle harmony between opinions of other people. It is just his skill to feel what other people desire and act as they want, being considerate and attentive. Al possesses great patience and is always there when someone needs his help.

3 as a Birthday Number

Al Jarreau has a gift to attract other people. He likes to communicate with people and is very sociable. People find him very interesting and like to listen what he says, he just charms them. Al can make a great career selling things to others.

Al likes to create something new all the time. He will get lots of success being a writer or a performer. If Al didn’t choose this field as his profession, he can take it in consideration as an activity that he will do when he relaxes.

Jarreau has lots of friends and loves them all. He spends lots of time being out, having find and talking. He attracts lots of people, but he becomes dangerous when he has mood swings.

9 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Al had never been a type of person that likes mundane things. He likes to study a lot. He always sits with the books, finding something new for himself. It often surprises him when other people are not willing to learn and to develop something new. Sometimes it can be a reason why he scolds and abuses others.


It often happens that Al Jerreau wants to spend some time alone in his flat. It brings him too much annoyance when there are lots of people around him. He usually needs to be isolated from life’s activity and have some time for himself. Al is not a type of person that likes to tell about his private life and his personal feelings.

2 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Al Jarreau has to be more confident in himself. For him it is better to give up trying where he should actually be more insistent. Sometimes Al steps back and hides when it is time to fight. He never uses his strength when he needs to defend his opinion or just himself. Al runs away when he has to battle.

Instead, Al is intended to settle a dispute by talking it over. He uses his diplomacy and tact to resolve any hard situation. For Al it is better to use words instead of force. He has to learn how to be more definite and sure. He has to understand that when he needs to prove that he is right he has to show more willingness and certitude.

Al Jarreau’s role in life is very important but not leading. He is ready to direct a person who is more public in a silent but inherent way.


4 as a Personality Number

Al adores his family. He thinks that there is no other place that can give this much permanence, safety and intimacy. He has a constant will to provide and protect his family. It can happen that the members of his family will take all what he gives as it has to be. Jarreau vigorously supports his country. He wants to take part in every event his community makes. When he is devoted and compatible with his plans, he usually receives a restful and safe future.

Al Jarreau lives without a waste. He counts every cent that he spends. He understands the responsibility to be a provider to the members of his family and to take care about their future. Sometimes they find it too ascetic.

He doesn’t like to wear bright clothes and outrageous clothes. When he goes to a party he can let himself wear something more open or non-diplomatic. To a black suit he can allow to wear a bright scarf or a tie with funny prints.

4 as a Lucky Number

Al Jerreau’s Personal Lucky Number will bring him luck when he is dealing with implementing something new or when he is trying to support the traditions that have already been established.

When his financial and romantic relations are in trouble this number will help Al. Also this number will help him to succeed in growing when he is participating in some important project.