Wentworth Miller Numerology

9 as a Life Path Number

Wentworth is usually displeased by overly expressed realism of life: the deficiencies of people, or his own failures. Miller refuses to admit the inadequacies of the world, a sense that motivates him constantly to put eаforts and make it better. The sad part is that Wentworth is rarely satisfied with his or someone else’s attempts, instead he keeps striving untiringly for even larger undertakings. The results don’t usually satisfy him. In short, Miller lacks the view of prospects that otherwise could render some joy to him and make it easier to acknowledge life’s natural restrictions.

Wentworth Miller’s enthusiasm is maintained well, and so he completes every endeavor he initiates.

2 as Birthday Number

Wentworth possesses the deep sensuality and is easily gets impressed. He is gifted with a good deal of sensual consciousness, which allows him to detect the feelings of people he communicates with, regardless of their intention to hide any. As a consequence to that, Miller has low resistance to the influence exerted from the outside.

Wentworth can be advised to cultivate and retain his individual center. As soon as he gets to fulfill this undertaking, his life is supposed to turn from frightening to controllable.


8 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Wentworth Miller respects collaborators who are truthful and meticulous, and willingly rewards them. As for the role of leadership, Wentworth is not pursuing tolerance that much because he finds it inefficient. Miller is inclined to set the direction right to his goal and follow through with bravery and even stubbornness.

Miller is given innate perception of power, finances and authoritativeness. He stops at nothing on the way to his achievements. In the long run power is delegated into his hands.

Wentworth's test in his existence is to preserve equilibrium between his idealism and perception of the rigid realities of the world.

7 as a Soul Urge Number

Wentworth Miller's lack of potential to correctly perceive the sensual realm of life can be his major vulnerability. Miller is extremely rational, to extent that even slightest notion of randomness in the human soul terrifies and shocks him.

Miller’s test here is learning how to trust to someone else. He needs a close person that will be suitable as the one to share his soul with. Such a step requires considerable bravery from him, and yet if he succeeds in finding the right person, it will bring relief and gratification.

1 as a Personality Number

Wentworth Miller literally emits energies of the dynamism and efficiency. His attire is described as skillful and proficient. People who surround him can feel that Miller is not the one to be easily bent.


Wentworth is advised to choose dignified outfits, paying considerable amount of attention to the details of exterior. Even if he is destined to spend the majority of times in a strict business suit, vivid and sunny colors make an amusing supplement to his appearance. Wentworth is stylish, meaning he makes up his own distinctive ways of dressing.

2 as a Lucky Number

Wentworth Miller is the owner of a Lucky Number 2, which means that the fortune will be granted to him in cases of involvement into meditation and negotiation.

Miller's 2 will aid him in finding the compromise which suits all sides. If he is involved in a team work, his 2 will be favorable to the whole collective as Wentworth will pick the safe and successive path.

However, Miller’s 2 is a neutral companion in terms of romance or commercial endeavors that put a demand on him to act quickly.