Adam Goldberg Numerology

7 as a Life Path Number

Adam appreciates his privacy and better works alone. He likes when people give him some time by himself so he can better concentrates on his ideas when no one can interrupt his with their opinions. Goldberg is a recluse that has his own opinion and plans. So it is difficult for Adam to form relationships with others, especially to get married. He becomes frustrated and irritated when someone enters his personal space.

He is attractive and pleasing when he has harmony in his life. When he is in a good mood, he can light up the party and speak out in front of big audience. Females are attracted to Adam when he is showing his sagacity and erudition.

7 as a Birthday Number

Adam has to control his sarcasm and coldness. He can exaggerate with stubbornness and being self-confident. In his marriage he can threaten his wife with criticism and egoism. It can bring unhappiness and hard times to his close one’s. Still he is devoted to his family and very loyal.

Adam should tell about how he feels to people that he trusts. Goldberg can uphold relationships that last long. He will feel comfortable with it and make harmony in his inner life.


11 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Since Adam was a child he felt that he differs from other people. When he was little he was aware and delicate. That is the reason why Adam is sensible to all arguments and distressing occasions. When he was growing up, Adam was not conscious that other people are not as sensible and have the same thoughts as he has. It is a cause why Adam can not confess his feeling to someone and sometimes to himself. It brought a hard childhood to those who have Destiny Number 11. When they are already adults, they hesitate too much and are vulnerable.  He is very careful in making friends with people and is not good in telling what he feels.

4 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Adam Goldberg hates it when his life changes suddenly. He prefers to have a stable and ordinary life. He likes when all the things are in order. In every action that he makes, you can observe his methodical mind. Adam can maintain and ascertain a routine. He is exact with little details and is very careful.

When Adam faces a problem, he analyses it carefully and then approaches virtually and logically. Adam likes when people depend on him. He is well-behaved and sets it himself as an example to others. He should be careful with working too much. He possesses lots of energy and is capable to implement lots of things.


4 as a Personality Number

Adam Goldberg knows how to save money and is very economical. He understands that he has to care about his future and of the people who are in his family. He likes to wear usual and casual clothes. You can see his austereness in the way he dresses. He has to include in his wardrobe some bright clothes and something that is more daring. He can include a bright tie to his black suit.

Adam is a person that is always with his family. He understands that his home can give him all love and security that he needs. In return he protects and supplies his family. Some of members can receive all what he gives like it has to be. Adam likes to participate in every occasion that his community makes. He respects his country and knows that he will gain if he lays his plans well.

1 as a Lucky Number

Every new beginning will bring Adam Goldberg luck with this Lucky Number. Also it can help when he is in a position of a leader. But he shouldn’t count on his lucky number when he is dealing with hardships with love and money.