Numerology Number 10 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 10In Christian religion number 10 is associated with Ten Commandments that were said after the revelations on a mountain Sinai.

Gods and Goddesses that are symbolized with this number comprise Atlas, a strong Greek God that on his shoulders carried the whole world and also Uranus a Roman God of Sky.

Some of the superstition about number 10 is that if in your dreams you see this number it tries to say you that your sole mate has a bad luck. Also if you want to get a promotion in your work, you should wash your hair on the tenth day of a month.


Numerology Number 11 in various Religions

Lots of electricians and spirit guides think that at the moment when we see on a clock number 11:11 the door opens to another astral dimensions. Some people think that number 11 is ‘master number.”

Gods and Goddesses that are symbolized by this number are the Gods of sea. Like for example Poseidon, The Greek God of the Sea and the Roman God of all the Seas and Oceans Neptune.

There is a superstition in China that if you have problems with your eyesight you should wash your hair each 11th day of a month.

Numerology Number 12 in various Religions

Number 12 is often connected with the Twelve Apostles. Usually on a jury there are 12 people. Also Christmas Season lasts 12 days.

It is also related with the fraudulent Roman God Janus, who had two faces.

You will be unlucky if you washed your hair on the twelfth day of a month. Another one of the superstitions is that you had a dream with number 12 in it; your grousing situation will soon be resolved.

Numerology Number 13 in various Religions

We all know that number 13 brings misfortune. It associates with Juda, the thirteenth guest on the Last Supper who sold out Jesus. That is why it brings a bad ending to a soiree with 13 people.

Lots of hotels try to avoid having rooms with number 13 on a door or they eliminate thirteenth floor.

Deities that symbolize 13 are Pluto the Roman God of Underworld and Hades the Greek God of Shades and Hell.

Of course the color that represents this number is black.

There are some superstitions that people have about number 13:
If in your address you have number 13 it will bring you misfortune.
Also people with 13 numbers in their name are very unlucky.
13th of Friday is a very unlucky day.
The thirteenth day in August of moon falling after a New Moon is thought as a day of a bad luck.
If you want to get pregnant with a boy, you should wash your hair on the thirteenth day of a month.