Numerology Number 9 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 9In an occult practice, they think that number nine symbolizes the finishing, the end and it stands for the rule of 3 x 3: anything good or bad you do in your life will come back to you three times more. A Queen of all the Witches is also connected with this number.

Number 9 creates lo shi in Chinese mythology. Lo shi is a magic square that includes first nine single numbers from the line of numbers.

Number nine is also symbolized by some deities from different Mythologies. Like Luna the Roman Goddess of the Moon, and the Roman Goddess of Wealth, Juno or from Norse mythology the Father Creator Odin.

9's colors are white and pearl.

9' precious stones are diamonds, pearls and metals like silver and platinum.

White carnations, lily of the valley and white rises are often symbolized by the number 9.

People have some superstitions about this number:
If you come across with nine peas in one pod, you will be very happy.
If you have some troubles with the person you love, take one strand from his hear and try to tie in it nine knots. You will see how soon he will come back to you.
Almost the same with your enemy. Take his photograph and tie around it nine knots. This person will soon give up fighting with you.
You will have a long life if in the number of your house you have number nine.
If a young man decided to marry, during nine days he has to come outside and count in the sky 99 stars. For sure, on the 10th day he will get acquainted with his future wife.
Beware to find on the street a card of Nine of Diamonds. It will bring you bad fortune.
The ninth day in May of moon falling after a New Moon is counted as a day of bad luck.
Happiness in your marriage will bring you washing your hear on the 9th day of a month.
Do not plan your marriage on the 9th of December. It will bring you bad luck.
A child will soon be born in the house, where a person dreamt of number nine.