Numerology Number 8 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 8Number 8 symbolized defectiveness or bad luck for people in ancient Greece. One of the famous psychologists Carl Jung compared number eight with dim and mystery actions of subconscious that continually is folded into itself resembling to a snake that bites its tail.

Number 8 in Chinese Feng Shui theory symbolizes wealth and success. It is very fortunate, if in your address you have number 8.

Some of deities that are related to number 8 are, Roman God of Communication, Mercury and Roman Goddesses of Home Gaiea and Hera.

The number 8 represent colors rose and pink.

Gemstones associated with number 8 are pearls and rose quartz.

Also the Flowers that symbolize number 8 are also pink. Like pink carnations and pink roses.

In the following we give you the superstitions that people have about this number:
Do not get sick during 8 days after a new moon. You can pass away when the full moon appears.
Your budget will increase 108 times if you give to a homeless 8 pennies.
It will bring you success if you come close to a mirror and look into your eyes saying your name 8 times.
Do not give to a person whom you love 8 flowers. It will bring her bad luck.
It is very lucky to have a combination of double 8s in the address of a house you live in.
If you want to live your life for a long time, on the eighth day of a month, you should wash your hair.
You won't be happy in your marriage if you plan your wedding on the 8th of June or 8th of February.
You will loose a great sum of money if once you've dreamt of this number.