Numerology Number 7 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 7Some religions consider number 7 as holy and worship it. In the Bible it is said that God has created the world during six days and on the seventh day, it was a rest, because it is a sacred day. In Jewish and Christian holy books they advise every seventh year to leave the fields uncultivated for recovering. But there are Christians that think that there are seven levels in hell.

After a Jewish person died her relatives and friends deplore her or him for 7 days. Also when they celebrate Chanukah it is a tradition to light a chandler that has 7 candles.

Gods and Goddesses that are associated with this number comprise a Goddess from a Norse Mythology, Frigga, that signifies Agriculture, Minerva the Goddess of Welfare from Roman Mythology and Babylonian God of the Sun Mithras.

7's colors are plum, shades of purple and violet.

The gemstone for number 7 is amethyst.

Flowers that symbolize number 7 are roses that of a deep purple color and irises.

People have superstitions concerning number 7, like:
If the date of the day when you were born you add up and this number you can divide by seven it means that you will have a successful life.
If you break a mirror you will be unlucky for 7 years.
If you have fun earlier than 7 am, you will wipe your tears after 11 am.
If a woman wants to get pregnant but she can't, she has to take her husband's belt and wrap it around a tree 7 times.
In a family with seven children, the youngest gets superhuman powers if he is a son of a seventh child.
You will have some problems with the police if on the 7th day of the month you wash your hear.
Do not plan your wedding on December 7th or April 7th. Your marriage will be a disaster.
If you have seen number 7 in your dreams soon you will get acquainted with the love of your life.