Numerology Number 6 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 6Almost in all of the religions number 6 means the day of man creation. In the ethnic religion three 6′s, like for example 666, symbolize Goddess and in the Christian religions it means Devil. All the scientists honor number six, because it is the top ideal number.

Gods and Goddesses that represent this number are Athena the Greek Goddess of War and Victory, Bacchus the Roman God of Winemaking and Fertility and Hermes the Greek God of Commerce.

Also, different shades of blue symbolize number 6.

Precious stones that represent number 6 are lasurite and sapphire.

Number six occasionally is represented by the flowers, like bluebells and thistles.

People have superstitions concerning this number, like:
Do not joke around turning number six upside down. It will bring you bad fortune and the things you've planned will not be fulfilled.
But finding a flower with six petals will bring you success in love.
Finding a six-colored pansy petal means that you will see a person you didn't expect to see.
Number six as your pendent will bring you protection against different nature disasters.
Do not plan to merry on November or October 6th. You will not be happy in your marriage.
Dreams with number six stand for wild sex life in future.