Numerology Number 5 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 5This number symbolized marriage by Pythagoras, because he believed that this number represented the sum of female and male elements. Sikhs associated five sacred objects, worn by every male, with number 5.

In Chinese Feng-Shui this number is for the five elements, which are used in the divination oracle: air, fire, water, earth, and metal.

Number five has a special meaning in Wiccan circles – pentagram with the shape of a star means the religion. Five-pointed star is associated with the head of a person and 4 limbs.

Gods, associated with number five. Include Ishtar – the God of Wisdom for Babylonians, Dionysus – the God of Wine and Celebration in Greek mythology, Roman God of War – Mars, and Thor – the father of thunderbolts in the Norse.

Colors: turquoise and sky blue.

Gemstones symbolizing number 5 are aquamarine and turquoise.

Flower of number 5 is anemone (of whatever color).

Some superstitions about this number (5) are:
Finding a five leafed clover will bring even more luck than the four leafed one.
Five-pointed star will turn away forces of evil, if you wear it.
Five cookies fusing together, while you cook, may mean funerals.
You will get married within a year, if apple stem breaks after the fifth twist.
'Lucky Hand' is a talisman in the hoodoo tradition, which is used to attract good luck and ward off the bad one in all spheres of the life.
Do not wax your hair on the 5th day of a month, otherwise you will become bald.
If you get married on November 5th – your marriage will be unlucky.
If you had a dream about this number (5) – you will be famous soon.