The Bible numerology code number 3



Bible numerology number 3Bible, the Holy Book of Christianity, is an absolute mine of numbers and their symbolic representations. The numbers in the bible are present in a definite pattern and reveal different meanings associated to them. These numbers signify various religious incidents that took place in the Holy book and the teachings by Jesus Christ. The meanings of these numbers and their symbolic representation slightly vary in the Old and new testaments but both reveal the depth and concealed concepts of these numbers to the readers. It is mentioned in the scriptures that the universe is formed by three expressions, namely, numbers, letters and the words, and the whole circle of life revolves around them. The study of the vibrations of these numbers is the study of tat divine creative energies in different levels of manifestations. There is a description of deep meanings related to the person and places in the Bible and the study of these numbers lead to a better understanding about the scripture. The study of numbers and their numeric symbolization in the bible is known as Bible numerology.
Bible numerology number 3 stands for the Trinity, trine and triad which are the three dimensions namely, Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or Ghost. In a broader way, the bible number 3 symbolizes growth and multiplication. There were three disciples of God- Peter, John and James- who accompanied Jesus Christ to the garden of Gethsemane. These disciples symbolize light, love and life respectively. In the Bible, Jesus Christ asked Peter “Lovest thou me?” three times that refer to the love over three surfaces of consciousness, namely, the conscious mind, the superconscious mind and the subconscious mind. It is also avers that if all the three planes of consciousness agrees to club together, the power of Christ will prevail. The bible number 3 is very vital in the story of Jesus Christ or one can say His story is a story of number 3. Jesus was denied by Peter thrice and after three days he rose. He was crucified in between two thieves that symbolize the divine system of faith and belief. Twelve is the higher vibration of the number three and Jesus sat with twelve of his disciples. Also the Judas haggled for thirty silver pieces which is again a vibration of bible number three.
Jesus Christ raised three folks from the clutches of dead. There were three major feasts in the Bible- Tabernacle, Weeks and the unleavened bread. There were three gifts of the grace and also Jonah dwelled for three days inside a whale. According to the Old testaments bible number three symbolizes the First Trinity that is Adam, Eve and the Child. It signifies expansion and expression. The other trinities surviving in this world are body, spirit and soul and the three divisions of consciousness of the mind- conscious, superconscious and subconscious about which we have already mentioned in the new testaments. This also reveals that the meanings of old and new testaments are interrelated. There are three archangels mentioned in the Bible by name as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Christians believe that the history of this world is bifurcated into three periods which are the Old Covenant, New covenant and the period that will start with the return of Jesus Christ. These are what we have regarded ad Old and New testaments.
In the Bible, Jesus Christ has been pictured in three varied shades of His personality in the form of a Shepherd. When he speaks about his death, he is regarded as a good shepherd, when he glorifies his merit, he is termed as Chief shepherd and lastly when he reveals about the resurrection, he is adjudged as a great Shepherd. The father of the Christ, the Supreme Deity, also addresses his believers and His son three times. This is how bible numerology number three reveals the hidden meanings and interrelates various incidents occurring in the Holy Bible. There are several other meanings associated with this number in various verses of the bible that can help you a lot in understanding the Book.
There are many people who believe in the piousness of the numbers mentioned in the bible and thus the Bible numerology will never ever lose its worth not matter what times the world comes across. There are many other numbers mentioned in the Holy Scripture that reveal different secrets about the religion and the study of these numbers and their patterns lead to a good understanding about the subject. Nothing can enlighten you better about the religion then the religious scripture. So if you keep a keen interest in known about Bible and Christianity and want to do a deep study of the scripture then you should know how to interpretate these numbers and what significance they hold in the story of Bible.