The Bible numerology code number 2



Bible numerology number 2The number two has a great significance in the Bible. Number one stands for unity and stands for no differences but the number two is affirmative of the differences that exist. Thus number two says there is another while number one is for no other. The difference that number two represents may be good or may be bad. This means that good can differ from evil or evil could differ from good. Thus number two has a two fold significance which is relevant is decided according to the context. It is the first number which can divide any other number therefore it is a supporter of the basic fundamental division. When related to man the number two signifies his fall and the differences imply opposition, enmity and oppression. In the Creation the second thing that is recorded is light, and immediately it is related to division because God had divided light from darkness. Therefore the second day of creation saw divisions. The second chapter of the Bible talks about God’s creation of Adam and thus marks the beginning of God’s relationship with man. This consequently also marks the commencement of man’s disobedience towards God and his separation from the God.

The second number of anything speaks and implies to the differences that exist. The second statement of the Bible is “And the earth was without form and void”. The first statement of the Bible speaks of the Divine perfection and of the order that exists in things whereas the second statement denotes the ruins and devastation. The holy Book of Genesis is divided into twelve parts, comprising of one introduction and eleven Tol’doth. The first division speaks of God and the perfection in Divine works. The second part talks of the fall. It introduces enmity for the first time. The second book of the Bible opens with the enemy’s oppression. The act of redemption is also mentioned for the first time in the second book and in relation with enemy. The Old Testament is divided into parts, the third great part we have the second book The Book of Job. Here the enemy is very powerful and a child of God is oppressed and opposed. The second book of Psalms as well as the second Psalm of every book talks about enmity and oppression and opposition. A man to be complete should have three things body, mind and spirit. Without spirit only two aspects are complete man is spiritually dead.

In the New Testament there are two Epistles and the second among them has a direct relation to enemy. A number of words exist which occur twice in the scriptures and all are related to enmity. Like choking, enjoyment, begetting, vapor, difference, strong man, perish, strength, liar, to divide, thrust, weep, enchantment, thorn, vessels, excess, madness, unholy, unstable, disorderly, chaff, etc. The list of such words is very long and to a reader who carefully studies the Bible these words is very significant. Such a reader will realize that all the words which occur twice are all related to enemy and opposition. It is a remarkable observation that the words which are related to Testimony occur twice, like to tell the truth, immutable, comprehend, confirmation, title, without repentance, written in, justification and received the law. The second might be something which has come to provide help and to provide comfort. But unfortunately when studied with respect to human it is always related to enmity and oppression. Rebekah was pregnant with two sons Jacob and Esau and they struggled all through their lives and also inside the womb of their mother. This is a great example of two who are contrast to each other and are also opposed to each other. On the second day of the creation God divided the waters from the waters and the second say was the only day when God did not see what he was doing was it for good or not. Therefore god has also marked number two as different from all other numbers. He chose the second day only as the day for division of waters from water and of light from darkness.

Thus we see that everywhere the number two occurs it denotes enmity, opposition and oppression. It marks division. It is symbolic of man’s separation from God which is the reason for man’s miseries and the unrest which exists in the man’s world. The number two is symbolic of the differences that exist, be it the difference of good from evil or of evil from good. But alas in context of man it is always related with enmity and oppression and stands for his willful disobedience towards God. The number two wherever related to man signify his fall and his separation from God. It signifies the spiritual death of man which is considered as a punishment for one who commits a sin.