People and The elements of Universe

Any person is indeed a keeper of all the five elements. It would be perfect, if all these elements were in balance, but you can rarely see that. One person will have more from the Fire, another - from the Water, the third - from Metal or Wood, etc. Therefore, we are all so different from each other: it is the predominance of one element or a combination of elements is giving us our identity and is creating our character, effecting the temperament. And the world, which the person of Fire would create for himself, is usually quite different from the world of the person of Earth, for example.

People of FirePeople of Fire:

Energetic, motivated, very quick-tempered, emotional, they love constant changes and busy life, with regard to the Feng Shui, this people in all their buildings, including those at the suburban areas, are trying to do some curls, extensions, projections, and therefore they often obtain polygonal structures.

People of EarthPeople of Earth:

Kind, generous, easy in almost any relationships, they build their life safe and sound, as well as their homes, which are strong and "powerful". This houses usually have the most reliable shape - a square, with no frills and tinsel, which is just irritating for the people of Earth.

People of WaterPeople of Water:

Rather apathetic people, though seeking to acquire new knowledge in science, art, etc., and at home they usually have some sort of incompleteness and vagueness.

People of WoodPeople of Wood:

Love the freedom of movement. People of this type are always creating on the roof of their houses different add-ins and structures that are representing the upward movement, ie growth.

People of MetalPeople of Metal:

Love luxury, pretentiousness, and they are ready to demonstrate it in every way. They are very attentive to the details, sometimes even too meticulous and pedantic.

Each of the five elements of the universe in Feng Shui is endowed with it's own shape. Fire has a triangular shape. Pyramid is the "stony" embodiment of the Fire. The Earth has a square shape, because it is considered the most stable. The Metal is shaped like a circle or a sphere, it is the least vulnerable. Water has a form of double waves, like "Aquarius" - one of the Zodiac signs. The Water is very pliable, it is easy to take and easy to give. The Wood has a rectangular shape, striving upwards, ie the shape of diamond. Tree means growth, movement, and disobedience. Likes freedom very much.

Before you will start filling your home with the beneficial "Qi" energy, it is necessary to know the element that predominates in you, to avoid any possible mistakes in the strengthening or weakening of one or another element.

Sometimes it happens that there is an urgent need to get the certain sum of money or revive any other sector of the Ba Gua map, here the creative range of elements (or in the other words, the cycle of generation) will help you a lot. To make this circle, you must use a bit of your imagination and recover the circle in any sector of the house that needs some extra nourishment with the energy. So, take all the representatives of the five elements and create this little "helper", for example, somewhere on the night table. Most importantly, the cycle must be generating, not destructing, be careful just in case.

Thus, the Wood (a twig or a wooden frame) nourishes the Fire (best suited here will be the figure in the form of a pyramid or some red candles, especially in shape of a pyramid), which gives rise to the Earth (a handful of soil or stones), which gives birth to the Metal (coin or a bell), that produces Water (a glass of water, for example), which feeds the Wood. Now the circle is complete. Some people say that even physically they can feel the flow of a beneficial energy. Do not worry about anything, your efforts will not be gone, soon you will get what you wanted. If you will put your creation in the sector of wealth, then you know, that you will never stay without money anymore, but only watch out - there must be no last year's debris and the place has to be clean. Be happy and rich!