Andrea Bocelli Numerology

9 as a Life Path Number

This tenor looks on different situations from a high perspective. He tries to have a general picture of the situation rather then spending time on little details. People from various societies are attracted to Andrea Bocelli. Those, who were born with 9 as a Life Path Number do not really care what others think of them and are rarely interested in it. They make assessment of others on how helpful these people can be.

Andrea Bocelli is very talented and creative. He arranges the hidden beauty in society delicately and harmoniously. He could use his creative skills in landscape art, making photo shoots and in decoration of the interior. Also having strength in public consciousness, this singer can make a great career as a lawyer, doctor, politician or a teacher.

22 as a Birthday Number

Andrea Bocelli has his own solutions to some problems; he is very resourceful and is confident in himself. When Andrea Bocelli is working on a project, he easily sees how to implement it. When making his work Andrea is persistent and systematical.

Sometimes he has some strong doubts about his talents but he is trying to hide this feeling. Still he has an original apprehension of things. He possesses a well developed intuition and he should trust the impression that he first sensed. His character is pragmatic and idealistic. Andrea is always trying to put the things that are ideal to him in realistic way.

11 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Andrea Bocelli always had a thought that he is somehow not like other people but he was not sure about that feeling. When he was little, he was very impressionable and conscious child. That is why in stressful situations or when it comes to an argument, Andrea becomes so vulnerable. During his upbringing, this tenor had never thought that people can be non-sensitive or see things the way he sees. The amount of these emotions had gathered during all of his life, and now it is difficult for him to confess about his feelings. It could be a reason why almost all 11s have a hard childhood. They are all too shy at that age. And when they grow up it reveals hesitation and vulnerability. It is hard for Andrea to find a true friend and to trust someone.


9 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Andrea Bocelli is attracted and interested in people from different societies. He is most interested in different characters of people. He has a well developed sense of intuition but not well in estimating people.

He can not stand seeing people suffering that is why he puts all his resources, material, financial or physical to be of any help to them.

Andrea is very wise and intelligent. He can be a good healer or a teacher. But the more he wants to help people, the more he expects popularity and applauds for the work he had done.

2 as a Personality Number

This singer has lots of friends and is very modest. His exterior is calm and nice. When others spend time with his, they feel safety and tenderness. Lots of them are attracted to him because he produces warmth and security.

Andrea Bocelli tends to wear fresh and immaculate clothes. He also values comfort, smoothness and softness in what he wears. Bocelli should better choose clothes that are more outrageous and bold, because it will make a good balance with his observant and open character.


7 as a Lucky Number

Andrea Bocelli is very fortunate to have number 7 as a Lucky Number. This number can bring him luck in lots of occasions. It also can be helpful to those people who are intended to grow spiritually. Sometimes you don’t see the gift of number 7 because its power can appear on a cosmic level, that not so many can identify.