Dima Bilan Numerology

Life Path Number 1

Dima is always energetic and brave. He likes to be first in everything and everybody knows that he has his own opinion, which he can defend. Bilan had got used to act and think independently. There is nothing that can prevent him from doing what he wants.

This singer is always ready to help and to supply with anything that people he loves need. In return he expects that they will esteem and worry about him. He gets annoyed when something is not the way he wanted.

He loves to be in the center of attention and sit in a first row. Secondary roles are not in his interest.

Birthday Number 6

Dima loves his family and adores being with them. When two people are having a quarrel Dima is good in making an agreement between them, so the both parties are satisfied. He has a talent to find a compromise.

During all of his life he seeks for harmony and balance. In any situation he is looking for things that can make harmony. It doesn’t matter if it is money, relationships between people or their emotions; he always tries to understand how he can help and what the boundaries are.


Destiny (Expression) Number 4

At work and in society Dima is a person at which you can rely upon. He has got great managerial and organizing skills. Any problem he solves systematically and methodically. He is a person that does what he promises, making his goals real.

Dima Bilan is very good in organizing. That is why he easily implements projects that were planned very well. He needs everything to be planned properly.

He seriously understands his responsibility to take care about his family. Dima is a person you can rely upon.

Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 2

As many people with this Heart’s Desire Number, Dima loves to feel comfort and to be in a safe place. Also, Bilan possesses great skills to be an expert in any field that he is fond of. It can also be music, thanks to his great talents in it.

Dima possesses intuition that is good developed, thanks to his sensitivity. He becomes very confounded when he looses control of situation.

You can be surprised but Dima is not confident in himself. He prefers to give up than to fight till the end. It is necessary for him to study how to be more resolute. In lots of situation he is frightened to use his strength to fight the boldness of some other person. He underestimates himself and does not appraise properly his own powers.


Personality Number 9

Dima’s personality attracts people. They always want to be around him. But also you can find some that are envious of him and underestimate Dima. It usually happens when they see that he is too arrogant. It is one of the worst qualities of Personality Number 9. People of this number can be haughty and aloof sometimes. Dima has to learn how to be simpler.

But at the same time, Dima is always willing to help the others. And he gets more satisfied when he gives his help to a huge amount of people and humanity in general. Dima does a great job in ameliorating others. He is more able in working with the problems of many people than just one person.

Some people can think that he is good in controlling his feelings and is very calm, but really inside Dima is a delicate, sympathetic and can be easily hurt.

You can see by his clothes that he has got an exceptionally good taste. It is because Dima has a great artistic abilities and skills.

Lucky Number 9

Dima’s Personal Lucky Number is the best that can ever be. It has three times more fortune than Personal Lucky Number 3.

This number will be very helpful to Dima when the aim is a finishing result. When he has an unfinished project or business, Personal Lucky Number Nine will bring fortune in clearing it up.