Angelina Jolie Numerology Chart

5 as a Life Path Number

Angelina is very carnal and never afraid to try what is offered by her life. She feels an urge to experience anything that is occurred on her life path. It is kind of hard for Jolie to be in relationships with only one person. But if once she fell deeply in love with someone, she will be faithful to him till the end of her life.

Angelina has lots of talents. But she has to pay more attention how to be more focused and disciplined, because these are the only qualities that can bring her success. If she works hard, there no limits to what she can get.

As a child Angelina was very naughty. She put her family into lots of worries and concerns. Also she doesn’t need to make a choice about her career fast. Angelina needs to try everything and then decide what a true desire of her heart is. The goal of her life is to find out the truth about personal freedom. Facing changes in her life she is flexible and adjustable.

4 as a Birthday Number

Angelina works very attentively and is heedful with the things she makes. She is valued by her good behavior, responsibility and high principles. Jolie knows good manners and is a very reliable person.

Angelina is very modest even when she is moral and proud. She is very sympathetic, facing problems of other people, like they are hers.

It is kind of hard for Angelina to express her feelings, but inside, she adores her husband and children.

6 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

This starlet has an excellent talent in raising animals and flowers. She adores everything that lives around her. People with a Destiny Number 6, are usually said that they are wealthy with love.

Angelina can be a good adviser and a curer. But she has to control her sympathy, not to overreact. She has strong ideas about humanity, relationships with friends and family.

From all of Destiny Numbers, we could say that number 6 is most balanced. This number’s people have a rare gift to control opposites that exist inside them. They usually become doctors or healers, political counselors, that can give ideas how to settle a dispute.


9 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

Angelina is attracted and interested in people from different societies. She is most interested in different characters of people. She has a well developed sense of intuition but not good in estimating people.

She can not stand seeing people suffering that is why she puts all her resources, material, financial or physical to be of any help to them.

Angelina is very wise and intelligent. She can be a good healer or a teacher. But the more she wants to help people, the more she expects popularity and applauds for the work she had done.

6 as a Personality Number

Angelina Jolie is well welcoming. She will be an excellent parent because she is faithful and caring. She is a romantic lover to her mate and tender parent to her children.

Angelina is an artistic person. She adores growing flowers and listening to the music. She never cares what he wears. It is good as long it is comfortable.

People who were born with Personality Number 6 are extremely kind. Angelina Jolie can become not very reasonable when it goes about money.

This starlet never really cares about what she is wearing as long as it is comfortable. She believes that her character is more important than her appearance.


9 as a Lucky Number

Angelina Jolie is very fortunate to have this Personal Lucky Number. It has three times more fortune than Personal Lucky Number 3.

This number will be very helpful to Jolie when the aim is to finish. When she has an unfinished project or business, Personal Lucky Number Nine will bring fortune in clearing it all up.