David Copperfield Numerology ChartLife Path Number 1

Copperfield is very responsible and caring person. He understands that he is the only one who can protect and supply his family. In return he expects that they will esteem and worry about him. He gets annoyed when something is not the way he wanted.

As most of persons with life path 1, he loves to be in the center of attention and sit in a first row. Secondary roles are not in his interest.

David is very imaginative. He adores making something unusual and extraordinary. He is not afraid to do something wrong, sometimes he resolves problems in a unique way. He gets irritated when he or others can not implement simple things.

Birthday Number 7

Copperfield possesses a perfectly developed intuition. To make this talent work better, David has to do meditations and perform spiritual exercises.

David has to be careful not to judge by appearance. Also he should avoid gambling and other unordinary ways to succeed. He should be less imprudent, because it will make a huge damage for him.

He better works when he is all be himself. When David is starting to do something, he always finishes it. He is fond of in metaphysics, science and techniques.

It is hard for David to say what he feels. He feels very comfortable when he is alone.


Destiny (Expression) Number 1

Copperfield is very good in managing his own business. He has got excellent skills in doing it. It is necessary for him to feel the independence in making conclusions and deciding considering his own opinion. David can easily convince someone in doing something.

People, who were born with this Destiny Number, become successful politicians, religious leaders, revolutionaries and Commanders in Chief.

David has a strong ability to control himself and to determine his actions. He has to learn how to use his firmness of will in achieving goals in his life.

Copperfield possesses enough strength to concentrate on his aims and to visualize them in a way that they become more accessible.


Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 8

Copperfield is very inventive person. He deals with problems unusually. David has to work on his capability in seeing people.

He likes to see what he gets in the end. In other words he has to know what will be a reward for his efforts. When he doesn't know what the prize is or if he thinks that it doesn't worth his attention, David becomes depressed and disappointed. He always has to stay interested in something not to turn into a cruel and selfish person. If David gets disappointed he should be careful not to overestimate and loose a self-love.

Number 8 means balance. People who were born with this Soul Urge Number are good in balancing things that are material and spiritual. They are very strong in Heart's Desire. Nothing can put them down, fighting to the end. This number is a number of survivors and people who can easily recover and receive the best prize.


Personality Number 6

Copperfield has a strong feeling for law and order. He is ready to do anything to stay in agreement with his milieu and can give a lot for the good of people that he cares about.

David can get too excited with his wish to help everyone that people can become taking it for granted. Sometimes he can make mistakes in judging other people, because he always sees good things in them. He can harm himself by getting too involved in helping others.

David Copperfield is well welcoming. He can become an excellent parent because he is very loving and caring. He will be a nice protector and tender parent to his children.

He has an artistic personality. He adores growing flowers and listening to the music. He never cares what he wears. It is good as long it is comfortable.


Lucky Number 4

With such a Personal Lucky Number, David Copperfield can get fortune when it is needed to create a new thing or support the traditions that had been already set up.

This number could be useful when his romantic relationships or financial affairs are in danger. The luck of number four can give stability of the field in which a person wants to develop himself and to grow.