Drew Barrymore Numerology chart

Life Path Number 1

Drew is always energetic and brave. She likes to be first in everything and everybody knows that she has her own opinion, which she can defend. Barrymore had got used to act and think independently. There is nothing that can prevent her from doing what she wants.

This starlet is always ready to help and to supply with anything that people she loves need. In return she expects that they will esteem and worry about her. She gets annoyed when something is not the way she wanted.

She loves to be in the center of attention and sit in a first row. Secondary roles are not in her interest.

Drew is very interesting and peculiar person. She originally deals with the problems and it is easy for her to find the right way. She gets very irritated when she or her surrounding can not implement something that is easy to do.

Birthday Number 22

This starlet possesses huge possibilities to become a director of establishment or open her own business. Drew has skills to realize it. She is a powerful person but sometimes her strong desire for success can make everything go wrong. Sometimes she gives up with her most wanted dreams because she is afraid she will not succeed.

Drew is a person that creates one small business and slowly, step by step works on increasing it.

When she is working on a project, she easily sees how to implement it. When making her work Drew is persistent and systematical.


Destiny (Expression) Number 7

Drew is interested in life’s mysterious subjects, she analyses all the information to find the answers. She is fond of in investigating such disciplines as philosophy and anthropology. Berrymore is firm and intelligible to discover the truth. She could make career in researching field.

Drew has got an urge to study and to learn the truth. Even though sometimes it is difficult for her to distinguish between the lie and the truth, she still has good skill to determine it. She can clearly perceive the hidden puzzles of being. And it usually happens so that her point of view was right. When she faces hardships she has a place where she can stay and think all over.

Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number 8

This starlet can see things that no one can see, for example the horizon and perspectives and those ways how to perform them. But she needs the help of other people to indicate the small details of a situation. She needs to use all of her skills to make all work. Drew has to learn how to take all the best characteristics from her core numbers so that her dream can be realized. If she wants to succeed she needs to show her resoluteness, commitment and excellence.

During the way to her dream, Drew will meet lots of hardships that she can overcome working really hard. She has to be very committed and determined to receive the award.


Personality Number 4

Drew Barrymore doesn’t like very fancy clothes. Comfort matters for her more than beauty. When buying clothes, she pays attention to the price, practicality and convention. Drew wants people to appraise her for her work and for what she does but not for the way she looks.

This starlet knows a lot about how to save money. She understands that she has to think about her future and about the future of her close one’s. Some people consider her too severe in attitude to money. She doesn’t like to wear bright and eccentric clothes. When she goes out, she can wear a simple grey dress and lighten it up with some bright scarf or brooch.

Lucky Number 5

Having this Personal Lucky Number, Barrymore is almost as lucky as people that have a Personal Lucky Number 3.

But this number can give her fortune in those occasions where she has to take a risk or in hazardous situations. Number 5 will be luck for Drew during revolutionary times, when everything is changing. Also it can be a great help in romantic relationships.