Numerology Karmic Lesson Chart

MeditationKarmic Lesson number 1 is a sign that you are afraid to make an action or to be in charge of anything. You need to develop your ambitions and get out of your comfort zone to experience the real taste of life.

Karmic Lesson number 2 shows that you usually rush everything and are quite touchy. You might find yourself in situations where you need to communicate with people effectively and share your victories with them.

Karmic Lesson number 3 reveals that you are not self-sufficient and have trouble showing what you are worth. Get out of your comfort zone more and publicly speak or participate in other public activities.

Karmic Lesson number 4 is an indicator that you tend to scatter your attention on different things and rarely get things done. You are also prone to procrastination. If you set strict rules and create an order and consistently work for your aim, you will succeed.

Karmic Lesson number 5 is usually a sign that you are not flexible towards changes. You need to make yourself try new things, visit new places, and explore the world and people around you. If you learn how to be adaptive, you’ll be able to help others as well.

Karmic Lesson number 6 is associated with lack of emotionality. You will have to work on your personal relationships. People around should be able to rely on you. This is a lesson on how to appreciate your family and friends.

Karmic Lesson number 7 indicates a vast amount of fears and limitations. You will have to develop your knowledge of the world and people around you. It will help you feel more secure and will expand your outlook, so you are no longer afraid to act.

Karmic Lesson number 8 proves your stubbornness. Though you can have expertise in many areas, like work, money, business, and management, you often forget about the true value of finances. Be mindful spending it and learn how to adhere to others as well.

Karmic Lesson number 9 means that you have unbalanced feelings and emotions within you. You are so concentrated on yourself, you don’t understand why people around do not accept you or the communication doesn’t go well. More respect and deep communications with others can help you. You can also find balance diving deep into literature, music, sports, hobbies, sharing your experience with others and listening to them. The more feelings and positive experience you share, the happier you will be.

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