Bjork Numerology

8 as a Life Path Number

This singer is a little bit outrageous and a dreamer. People often get inspired to accompany her in her projects and her ideas but sometimes it happens so that they don’t have enough imagination to understand what Bjork sees. But still people from her surrounding want her to be a leader that can give them support and inspiration. They need her directions and guidance to implement her vision.

Out of all Life Path Numbers, this number attracts a lot of money to people who were born with it, but still nothing comes with any effort.

Bjork needs to understand that if she got a glut of something, she has to be careful of not scaring it away and appreciating it. She has to use this power for the favor of mankind. People who were born with this number, do not really comprehend that not appreciating it can be a result of losing all they have.

3 as a Birthday Number

This singer has well developed inventive skills. She was born to be an artist. She can show high points in different fields of art. If her job where she works now is not connected with art, she can think about having art as an activity that she will do during her free time.

Bjork has a great imagination. She is nimble and very communicative. She is enthusiastic, good in inspiring and has a gift of charm. She can make successful career working as a salesman.


4 as a Destiny (Expression) Number

Bjork dislikes everything that is unsteady, insecure and not reliable. She detests unsafe things, giving her preference to something more reliable. This lack of resources will slow down her productivity and she will be very disappointed about it. But it will help her to control her resources, she will be more careful with spending all she has. She will stop and think twice before making some outrageous actions that were proposed to do by people who are more courageous than she is.

Bjork should understand what means she should use, that can try and conduct her toward the target that she sat. She has to use more imagination and try to surround herself with more inventive people that will be good advisers and inspirers.

3 as a Soul Urge (Heart's Desire) Number

This singer has a talent of expressing herself. She is good in spoken arts, where you need to use words to explain what you mean and what you are trying to say, such as, singing, acting or poetry. She has very developed skills in one of these arts. If something is suppressing her creativity, she is ready to dream and imagine. But still her imagination has to be implemented in something material.

At the same time, it is hard for Bjork to express what she really feels and to speak out opinions that are important for her. It is better for this singer to surprise others with the wit that she has.

If she can not hold her emotional energy, she will give a way to her never-ending talking. This kind of behavior will let her emotional energy out. Deep inside, she truly understands that this life can not be stopped for ever. So, she has skills to alter it into something artistic and inventive. It can become interesting means for releasing her emotions.


1 as a Personality Number

This singer is very energetic and active person. She can control herself and is very skilful. She courageously and strongly faces hardships that she meets on her life path. People say that she is not a type of person that can be told what to do.

She wares exalted clothes that she wares properly taking care about little things of her look. Bjork can dress up in both, black suits and strict dresses, but when it is time to relax she puts on some light and sunny clothes. She has her own form of appearance.

2 as a Lucky Number

This personal Lucky Number gives Bjork fortune from the situation where the contemplation and diplomacy are needed. This number will be of a help if the team that she is in had lost their path or are in trouble. Still this number will not do any good in financial and romantic situations.