Numerology Number 1 in various Religions



Bible numerology number 1In Islam, Christianity and in Jewish religion biblical numerology number one is considered to be the main one and often associated with the God. All metaphysicians and alchemists of medieval times associated this number with the Philosopher's Stone (mythical catalyst, which was believed to transform every metal it touched into gold).
In many myths and religions around the world number 1 is associated with Chinese God Pangu, Allah in Islam, Greek gods Aphrodite (Love Goddess) and Apollo (Gog of Communication), Diana – the Goddess of Hunt in Roman Mythology and Roman Heart Goddess – Vesta, Jenovah, Neter – Egyptian God, and the Norse Hearth Goddess – Frey.

Colors, traditionally associated with number 1 are: red, cherry, crimson, and scarlet.

Gemstones of number 1 are garnet and ruby.

Flowers of this number are of red color: red carnations and red roses.

Some superstitions about number 1 are:
There is a belief – you'll break a leg, if you break one egg
Walking around the house in one slipper is unlucky
Money should be kept in one pocket, otherwise it will be lost
People who have one hand are psychic.
One-eyed person is supposed to be a witch.
Seeing one magpie may be a sign of a death in your future
If you see one white horse it will bring a bad luck.
Do not was your hair of the first day of a month – it will shorten your life
January 1st or August 1st are not the lucky days for your marriage.
If you had a dream about number one then you have probably received the direct message from God.